The St. Petersburg Cluster Development Center (CCD) systematically implements a set of measures aimed at the identification of promising cluster initiatives. At present, the CCD coordinates the activities of 11 regional St. Petersburg clusters:

Clustered environment S.Petersburg:

Territorial clusters:
  1. Art Cluster
  2. Consumer Goods Cluster
  3. Northern-West Arctic innovation Cluster
  4. Agro-Industrial Cluster «Northwest Agropolis»
  5. Innovative territorial Jewelry Cluster
  6. Hi-tech and Engineering Cluster
  7. Energy and Industry Innovations Cluster
  8. Laser technologies and equipment Cluster
  9. Automotive Cluster
  1. Exhibition Cluster
  2. Transport and logistics Cluster
  3. Shipbuilding Cluster
  4. «Infocommunication and Optical Technologies in Art and Culture» Cluster
  5. Water collection and water disposal Cluster
  6. Polymer Cluster
  7. «Koltovskaya Sloboda» Cluster
  8. Innovative-technological cluster of energy saving in Housing Services and Industry
  9. Innovative Nutrition Cluster
  10. Digital Cluster