Cluster "Transport and infrastructure construction"








The main purpose of the Cluster is the organization and implementation of effective and mutually beneficial joint programs and projects (cluster projects) based on the unification of information, financial, technological, intellectual and other resources of participants, as well as projects with external financing, in the following subject areas:

  • construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of transport (roads and bridges) infrastructure facilities;
  • construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of engineering infrastructure facilities;
  • construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of underground infrastructure facilities;
  • R&D in above mentioned fields;
  • development and implementation of programs in the field of professional education;
  • development and implementation of programs in the field of science and innovations;
  • organization of interaction of Cluster members in the spheres of industry, science and science-intensive technologies, innovations, financial and consulting, production and operational spheres, media space, congress and exhibition activities, activities of trade unions and associations;
  • formation of industry-specific policy;
  • formation of stable interactions between participants of sectoral market with federal, regional and municipal authorities;
  • participation in the development and implementation of programs for the development of transport and engineering infrastructure in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region;
  • support of professional youth, veteran and public organizations;
  • implementation of charitable and sponsorship programs aimed at developing creative, youth, scientific potential, technical and urban development.



CLUSTER MISSION                                                                                               

To make the agglomeration of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region into the subject of the Russian Federation with the most developed, efficient, accessible, safe, well-organized and environmentally friendly transport and engineering infrastructure.




  • advancement of transport and engineering infrastructure in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region agglomeration;
  • advancement of industrial, organizational, and financial cooperation between the participants within the Cluster;
  • formation of innovation cluster chain;
  • arranging participation of the Cluster members in big projects by their specialization;
  • promotion of information about technologies and services offered by the Cluster participants – in regional and transregional markets;
  • organizing communication and strengthening relations between the Cluster participants and representatives of production, business, state and municipal authorities;
  • implementation of technological innovations at Cluster’s enterprises through providing effective interaction between the participants;
  • conducting research and development works (R&D works) and experimental developments aimed at solutions to burning and advanced issues that the Cluster faces;
  • support of professional training, reskilling, and upskilling:
  • monitoring demand for personnel of the Cluster members;
  • formation of special order for personnel training for the Cluster;
  • personnel training and development;
  • utilization of material and technical basis of Cluster participants for carrying out personnel training and development and involvement of Cluster leading specialist in the training process;
  • cooperation with interested Russian and foreign partners for the purpose of effective personnel training and development;
  • creation of an information portal that provides access to scientific and educational resources, electronic catalogs, databases, support of educational, scientific and innovative activities of the Cluster.




14 participants



Autonomous Non-Profit Organization"Association "DORMOST". 130 Griboedov Canal Emb., Saint Petersburg. Director – Kyrill V. Ivanov, Phone: +7 (812) 400-00-47





Additional information about the cluster is available by contacting Ivan Blinov, Manager for working with SMEs, Phone number.: (812)670-10-85 or e-mail: